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Weekly Fantasy Lineups, Picks & Leans

The Genius of Fantasy – Ryan Dierker

Lifelong baseball enthusiast. Brief tenure in front office operations for an MLB organization. Educated at a young age by a devious uncle on the joys and miseries of sports betting.

Visit with me at 49sFastball.com throughout the season for my leans, weekly fantasy lineups, and pick of the week. If I’m writing it here, you can trust I’m personally invested.

Good luck out there.  -Ryan


Not sure who to pick for your fantasy lineup? Here are my picks for the week…

PChad Kuhl$8,200
PAaron Sanchez$5,700
CWilson ContrerasFried$4,400
1BJustin SmoakTriggs$3,600
2BCesar HernandezWeaver$4,000
3BJosh DonaldsonTriggs$4,200
SSXander BogaertsGausman$4,300
OFMookie BettsGausman$5,800
OFCharlie BlackmonSamardija$5,300
OFNomar MazaraShields$4,400
Game Date: June 22ndScore
Red Sox5


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MLB Leans

Ryan brings you key insights to help you establish solid strategies in support of your MLB betting objectives.

  • Orioles Under 77.5 – The Oriole’s window is closing and Machado is likely to be moved before the deadline. This is the year that the team that has continually exceed expectations finishes in the basement of the treacherous AL East.
  • Royals Under 76.5 – The Royals have been an incredible story and fun to watch over the last five years, but this club is now fully in rebuild mode with the departure of key cogs throughout the lineup. The Royals will be drafting in the top 5 of next year’s draft.
  • Reds Over 71.5 – The Reds have an intriguing stable of young arms ready to make an impact in 2018. I like the back end of their bullpen and their lineup, while lacking superstars outside of Votto, was sneaky productive in 2017. The Reds turn the corner this year and yield the cellar to the rebuilding Pirates.
  • Marlins Under 64.5 – See Astros circa 2012/2013. This is a 100 loss team that’s unabashedly shedding top talent and salaries for the (dis)honor of the first pick in the 2019 draft.
  • Rangers Under 78.5 – An average to below average rotation and a bottom 5 bullpen make the Rangers a likely candidate to take a step back in 2018. In a division with the ascendent Angles and powerhouse Astros, expect the Rangers to be sellers by the deadline.

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