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Larry Dierker’s Writing Career

Larry majored in English, and it was at this time, that his unique writing skills began to develop. In the early 2000s, he penned a book entitled, This Ain’t Brain Surgery, which detailed his baseball career as a pitcher and a manager.

As Larry’s digital entrepreneur career began, he turned his pen toward blogs, e-books and other forms of digital communication. Most recently, he completed his e-Book relating the Houston Astros amazing World Series-winning season to his own life and struggles as his beloved wife of over 40 years, Julia “Judy”, succumbed to cancer.

Larry Dierker as an author of a new book wearing the Astro's jersey and cap
Larry Dierker's book this ain't brain surgery

A passionate, heartfelt autobiography.

Larry Dierker, the humorous, honest, and well-versed baseball icon candidly exposes his small beginnings, triumphant successes, initiation into the world of management, and how he remains “real” throughout the decades of the game.

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I love the Astros so I really enjoyed this book. Larry Dierker was with the Astros as a pitcher, announcer, and then manager from the beginning till 2001. He wrote the book in 2003 so it even covered past when he was associated with them. The only complaint I have is I wish it was longer! It’s easy to read and entertaining.

Reflections On 2017 – The Houston Astros Journey to Victory

Download this free eBook and engage in a life-changing experience that takes you on a journey following the Astros 2017 season described by Larry Dierker as “the best of years for me – and the worst”.

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Larry's book - Reflections on 2017

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