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Larry Dierker was born September 22, 1946, in Hollywood California. Larry is a former Major League Baseball pitcher, manager, broadcaster, and he is also an accomplished American novelist, blogger, essayist, playwright, motivational speaker, and digital entrepreneur.

Replay Blues

That’s why I continue to believe that the replay system is a waste of time. I’d be willing to bet that there have been at least 2 instances where the Astros have benefited by calls like this. Read on...

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Waive Bye Bye

Here’s a posing question: “So how can pitching, or more accurately pitching plus fielding be more than fifty percent?” Read on to get Larry’s answers and opinions from another one of 49’s Fastball’s fascinating MLB straight talk articles.

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Deadline Deals

When it comes to baseball player trading… “The problem with trades is that everyone wants to give you a biscuit for a bag of flour.” — Ellis Clary, scout. Read more from 49’s Fastball Larry Dierker and his take on those risky Deadline Deals!

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Addition by Subtraction

It seems the Astros and Blue Jays swapped free radicals. The Astros’ problem with Giles was an on the field issue. The problem with Osuna was of abusing another person. There’s an element of risk in almost every trade made. When you’re dealing in free radicals, that risk is multiplied. What do you think?

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