49’s Fastball Advertising Opportunities

Advertising on website is available through 3 programs. And rates for each method are available as monthly, extended monthly, season or annual basis. The following is a breakdown of the various programs.

Website Banner Ads

  • Rotating Banner Ads – appearing randomly
  • Static Banner Ads – appears with specific content

Sponsored Page Ads

  • Static Banner Ads – appears as “Brought to You By” banner ad
    Available Pages:

    • Podcasts
    • About 49s
    • MLB Fantasy
    • Articles
    • Resources
    • Baseball News

Podcast Ads

  • Static Banner Ads – appears as “this Podcast Brought to You By” banner ads
    • Static Banner Ad – This Day in Baseball
    • Static Sponsorship Mention Trending Podcast Page – appears as “Brought to You By” text mention
  • Audio Commercials
    • Insert Audio Commercial in Podcasts by Category (all podcasts in category)