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The Story of 49's Fastball

The spirit of baseball is the spirit of spring and summer time.  That’s why it is known as America’s favorite pastime.  While the presentation of the game has changed over the years, the magic is still there.

49’s Fastball was developed for baseball fans both young and old all written and narrated by Larry Dierker, former MLB pitcher, manager, and commentator. Because of his career, Larry provides a unique perspective of the game as he shares these amazing stories. Many baseball websites are full of stats, figures, schedules and player information, and that’s a good thing. However, 49’s Fastball endeavors to connect with fans who want and are looking for something more intriguing with a special twist of nostalgia.

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Larry Dierker's book this ain't brain surgery

A passionate, heartfelt autobiography.

Larry Dierker, the humorous, honest, and well-versed baseball icon candidly exposes his small beginnings, triumphant successes, initiation into the world of management, and how he remains “real” throughout the decades of the game.